Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Pharrell look..

Pharrell is well known for his good sense of fashion, wearing the newest and most accepted fashion. Thats why I've decided to help you find the right clothes to best match his outfit.

How to copy the look:

Cashmere V-neck sweater off of J.Crew for $138

Secret Wash button-down shirt in white from J.Crew for $60

Sophmore Stripe Skinny Tie from Tommy Hilfiger for $48

Something to consider when pairing the outfit with the pants is the event you are attending. If you are going to a more laid back event, or just going out for the night then wear with jeans.

Vintage slim-fit selvedge jean in vintage medium worn wash from J.Crew for $118, a nice slim fit pair of jeans are good with this outfit for it helps the outfit look clean and fresh.

If you are going to a more formal event then wear dress pants.

Regular-fit wool Bowery pant from J.Crew for $98

Monday, December 14, 2009

My specs..

Piggy from Lord Of The Flies knew what he was talking about, he knew about his specs. Glasses are a key factor in fashion now, it adds more feature to your face and can be used as a good accessory. These glasses were all picked from UrbanOutfitters.

The specs...

Surfrider 2 $10

Matte Risky Readers $14

Dad's Reader $10

New Desmond Reader $14

Jonathan Readers $10

Winter Hats..

It is now cold outside and these winter hats will help you stay warm while still looking stylish. These hats were picked out from UrbanOutfitters and American Eagle.

Winter Hats:
Urban Outfitters Neff Daily Beanie $28

Urban Outfitters Coal Parks Beanie $34

Urban Outfitters Cable Knit Bomber $44

Urban Outfitters Ignite No 2 Peru $28

American Eagle Fairisle Trapper $30

Leather cuffs

Leather cuffs make great accessories when paired with the right clothing. They can really help finish the outfit. Cuffs made out of leather give you a better and more masculine look. They are also useful if you like to add many accessories to your outfits or if you just want something on your hand, other than a watch.

Types of cuffs:
This one here has a minature belt look to it. This one can be picked up at The Level Collection for $13.

This leather cuff wraps around your wrist multiple times. It can be picked up at calitrendz for $15.

This is a classic strap leather bracelet. It can be picked up at Abercrombie and Fitch for $24.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The simple black T..

Different ways to wear the simple black T

Artist Kid Cudi adds some accessories and a baseball cap

Actor Taylor Lautner chooses to leave it alone.

Actor Johnny Depp adds on some accessories with his black T.

Laid back..

Here we have a more laid back look, something that shows that you care just enough to make it work. It gives you that rebellious look while still looking good.

How to get this look without breaking the bank:

We use the ever so simple black T v-neck. This one was picked up from American Apparel for only $19. A shirt this simple is a must, for its uses are versatile.

Here we show the Cardigan which is used, this article of clothing is also very convenient for it can be used in both warm and cold weather. Wear it with layers for cold weather, or alone and the sleeves rolled up in the warm weather. This one was pick from Abercrombie and Fitch for $140

A cheaper way to pull off the cardigan look, is to get the Cable Braid Hooded Cardigan off of Forever 21's Heritage 1981 for only $29.

Here we use the Levi's Skinny 511 Jeans. You can get these for around $60.

To finish off the look we use a pair of Ray Ban aviators. You could get them for around $120.

Easy Fall Outfit

This simple fall outfit is fun for a chilly day. Wear the shirt untucked for a pop of color under the sweater. The matching red wayfarers help tie it all together. This can be casual, or a little dressy depending on the shoes. If you want to dress it up even more, wear some sexy pumps and you're ready for a date night.


Introduction Pt. 2

I'll be the second contributor to this blog. I hope that together Angel T. and I can make this as well rounded as possible.
I ascribe to the "Make It Work" school of thought. I believe that you can make things work, be it interpreting runway looks to fit your budget or size or just finding your voice and identity through fashion. I also believe in blending styles and not letting anything tell you who you should be, instead speak about who you want to be.
Stay fierce and make it work!


We started a blog to show and introduce to people the different trends and styles that are incorporated around the world of fashion. Fashion is no longer just about the clothes, fashion has evolved to a whole new level. It is about the art behind it and the story behind each and every thread of string on the clothes. Fashion has proven to be a way for individuality to shine, and it has also become a way to express ones self with out using a single word. Fashion has become the new language for which we may all communicate. Our goal is to show the latest and most admired style in clothes and behavior in the streets and try and get you similar styles for reasonable prices.