Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer = Weddings

As you all probably know Summer is the prime time for weddings. With that said you are probably invited to a wedding and well you don't know what to wear, well don't worry I am here to help.
Steps for a perfect wedding tux:
1) Keep it nice and fit. Don't I repeat DON'T get an over sized rental they do you no good you just waste the money on an over sized piece of cloth.
2) Go for simple colors, remember you were invited to a wedding its not YOUR wedding so don't go in all white, also try not to attract all the attention (I know its hard but please try). Go with simple solid colors.
3) If you can get it tailored, it never hurts to have a nice tux.
4) Always wear the bow tie...if you cant tie it don't worry YouTube or Google can help or when you buy it just ask a store attendant to help.
5) Ok.. so you got your tux all nice and fitted and with simple solid colors.. NOW PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T MESS IT UP WITH THE SHOES. Always keep nice polished shoes to go with the tux.
Here are some pictures.

Two very swagtastic gentlemen here show the perfect example of a nice tux.

Places to get them:
Hugo Boss:

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